#1 Mistake That Buyers Make!!

Rob Jessee here. As my team and I talk to buyers every single day, we hear this quite often. 

 "I just wanna find the perfect home before I talk to a lender about a loan." 

That is the number one mistake most buyers make. 

 Let's say you find your dream home and you don't qualify for a loan. Or even worse, you do qualify for a loan, but not quite that much. It's heartbreaking. So, before you start looking for a home, the first step as you're getting ready to buy that house, talk with a lender. I have an awesome one if you need one.  

For a free copy of The Buying Process, click the link to download and please don't put the cart before the horse. It's just not good. 

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Rob Jessee 

Roanoke Realtor/Team Leader 

The Jessee Realty Group/RealStar Reltors, LLC